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100mm x 100mm
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1968 4 Door Morris Minor. MOT. Drive away.
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front suspension spares

60th Birthday Party at Gaydon

We're having a Birthday Party!

A Birthday Party for the Morris Minor will be held at the British Motor Industry Heritage Centre, Gaydon on Saturday 20 September.

NWL 576, the first Morris Minor, invites all his friends and their owners to celebrate his 60th Birthday on the anniversary of the day he came off the production line at Cowley in 1948. It is hoped that at least 60 other Morris Minors, perhaps more, of all ages and variants will join the celebration.

Arrangements are now being finalised and the cost of entry has been set. The price includes entry to the museum as well as a commemorative plaque and Birthday Cake. Car + Driver: £10.00. Each additional passenger: £2.50 This is further discounted from the normal entry prices.

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