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by Roni
Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:50 pm
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Topic: HIF38 Air Boxes
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Re: HIF38 Air Boxes

I have an air box from a metro on my similar setup. The only modification I made was to trim a little off the intake tube to clear the radiator.
by Roni
Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:07 pm
Forum: Mechanical
Topic: Cooling Fan Recommendation
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Re: Cooling Fan Recommendation

I had to put an electric fan on mine as there were regular "traffic flow problems" where I lived then, and the engine driven fan at idle could not flow enough air to keep the water cool. (On one day, there was Morris Marina sitting on the side of the road in a cloud of steam as well.) The cooling sy...
by Roni
Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:04 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: VariFlow Dampers
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Re: VariFlow Dampers

To add a bit more info about these, - they have an internal spring that re-centers them.
by Roni
Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:53 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: VariFlow Dampers
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Re: VariFlow Dampers

Interesting links. Thanks for finding them. I'm guessing Google thinks that if a search is from NZ, it must be about the dairy industry.
I suppose the mentioned " special technical department operated to cope with inquiries" is long gone.
by Roni
Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:46 am
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Topic: VariFlow Dampers
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VariFlow Dampers

Anyone know anything about these?
Made by Spax, adjustable, same size as rear Morris Minor Armstrong Dampers.
When I search online I keep getting information about milking equipment valves.
by Roni
Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:49 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Classic car snobbery
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Re: Classic car snobbery

Almost related to this topic, when I'm out in my flatdeck truck I get lots of waves from farmers, either on foot or in farm vehicles. I guess they used to have one as a farm truck years ago.
by Roni
Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:50 am
Forum: Electrical
Topic: Indicator buzzer or click modification
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Re: Indicator buzzer or click modification

Just did this in the car. Works well. I mounted the relay onto a spraycan lid which made a sort of resonant chamber to up the volume. In the truck I have the indicator relay is already mounted inside the cab so no need for that to be done.
by Roni
Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:45 am
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Topic: Carburettor vent size
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Re: Carburettor vent size

On mine there is a plastic push in restrictor in the tube on the carb. When ever I take off the hose it always gets trapped in the hose, so they can easily go missing.
by Roni
Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:32 pm
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Topic: Pick ups with wooden backs
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Re: Pick ups with wooden backs

Mine has always been a flatdeck. It would have been imported as a CKD cab/chassis and had a suitable deck built for it here (NZ). One guide, if it was an original cab/chassis, is the absence of holes in the rear cab panel where the wellside panels would have been attached. [frame]
by Roni
Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:39 pm
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Topic: Pickup restoration part three
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Re: Pickup restoration part three

If you put some heat shrink tube over the prongs of the spring clips it will protect your fresh paint.
by Roni
Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:56 pm
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Topic: Gearbox dust seal
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Re: Gearbox dust seal

As a temporary fix, to keep stones out (had it happen) maybe clean the area and use some duct tape or similar.
by Roni
Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:21 pm
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Topic: Corrugated steel minor
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Re: Corrugated steel minor

This is an art work "Corrugations" by Jeff Thomson. It is currently on display at the Canterbury Museum, in Christchurch, NZ.
by Roni
Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:07 pm
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Topic: Oil Gallery Screwed Plugs
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Re: Oil Gallery Screwed Plugs

A suggestion for the brushes, if you are finding them hard to find, is to look at gun cleaning supplies for the bore brushes.
Good modification to the block too. I have had a leaking plug, aluminium, fresh from the re-conditioner.
by Roni
Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:54 pm
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Topic: Exhaust rattle from aperture below manifold
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Re: Exhaust rattle from aperture below manifold

This is probably what you are thinking of - ... et#p538071
by Roni
Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:02 am
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Topic: Cup holder
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Re: Cup holder

by Roni
Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:55 pm
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Topic: reversing light
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Re: reversing light

The Switch is just one that I found in an electronics store. It was one I bought for something else.
After 4 years it is still going strong, and reliably, apart from needing one re-adjustment of the arm.
by Roni
Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:04 pm
Forum: Electrical
Topic: Water temperature?
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Re: Water temperature?

That gauge Looks similar to one of mine. It runs from 12v, so the voltage stabiliser (10V) would not work too well as a supply. It shows consistent readings but maybe not totally accurate readings.
Get used to where it normally reads and take note of any deviation from normal.
by Roni
Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:43 pm
Forum: Bodywork
Topic: Quarterlight handle
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Re: Quarterlight handle

I found a thin o-ring and fitted it to the shaft, on the side facing you.
by Roni
Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:54 am
Forum: Mechanical
Topic: Air filter for 1275/HS4
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Re: Air filter for 1275/HS4

For an HS4, a filter from a Morris 1800 will fit with a bit of modding of the base plate (or modding of the HS2 original base plate). It will take a K+N filter element if you want too.
by Roni
Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:47 am
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Topic: 1275cc Upgrade
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Re: 1275cc Upgrade

I have a std 1275 in my truck. Initially it had a long centre branch exhaust but now does not. I found that while it breathed well at higher revs, it was flat and sluggish in the lower rev range where I do most of my driving. A std 1275 Mini cast exhaust manifold is on there now and while it looses ...