Filming Guidelines

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Filming Guidelines

Postby Kevin » Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:36 pm

This is just to help clarify things a little if you are going to do any filming with your Moggie.
Most approaches are made through the MMOC but we do get approaches made direct onto the message board which is fine but there have been some concerns and issues raised recently so I wanted to clarify things.

A fee should be paid for the cars, this will vary depending on the type of filming involved along with the amount of time spent on location.

All out of pocket expenses should be paid for, and of course food and drink during the shooting.

The film company should also have the correct type of insurance cover for you car which will vary depending on the type of filming and location involved.

These are the bare minimum you should recieve as these are professional companies who are creating a product from which to make a profit. And some production companies forget that we are private enthusiasts who often have to take time of work to do the filming, and the main reason for approaching us is that the fees charged by the classic car hiring companies are quite expensive.
I am locking the thread and if you have any concerns by any of the above please send me a PM.

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Postby bigginger » Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:10 pm

...and for once, I'm breaking the rules and writing to a locked thread. Just to emphasise what Kevin says, ask about insurance against damage for your property, and above all get a reassurance IN WRITING. We have a house in Scotland that we allowed to be used as a location for a TV company who did a lot of damage which they then tried to wriggle out of repairing - luckily, at the time I worked for the BBC and the prog they were making was for the BBC. The (entirely unfounded) threat that it might affect their future work meant that things were resolved, but it took a long time and a LOT of persuading before it was repaired. Be careful...
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Postby Judge » Sat Sep 06, 2008 8:06 am

Sorry Kevin, I too am breaking the rules in the interests of clarity, having recently had a film company use our house as a film location.
In our case we could not have been more impressed with the care and consideration given, and with around fifty people involved this was no mean feat. The company provided a written contract which included fee and insurance details.
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