South Wales Branch Charity Appeal 2017

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South Wales Branch Charity Appeal 2017

Postby Adrian Pearse » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:48 pm

Branch members decided last year before John Rockes passing to support British Heart Foundation (Cymru)

If you suffer a Cardiac Arrest your heart has stopped beating. With every minute that passes your survival rate diminishes by 10%. Within two minutes your brain starts to die, within five minutes your organs start to shut down, within ten minutes your more than likely to be non-recoverable. The use of CPR in the first few minutes increases your survival rate, combine that with a Defibrillator it greatly increases the outcome.

In mainland Europe your survival rate in having a Cardiac Arrest outside of Hospital care is about 50% and increasing. Compare that to England where the rate is around 10% a massive difference. The story here in Wales is a different picture all together, the survival rate is just 3%. Granted the populous of Wales is far smaller than England, however logistical & geographical difficulties and far higher Cardiac Health problems give this percentage rate.

Our appeal is twofold we are aiming to raise £1500 for the purchase of a Defibrillator and any money remaining will be given to BHF (Cymru)

We have several branch members registered as first aiders in there everyday lives and provide the branch with cover at our own events. We also have a member who is trained in Pre Hospital Emergency Medical Care, The four of us are trained in the use of these units. We also want to be the first branch within the mmoc. Also the first or one of the first car clubs in Wales and or that of the UK to carry a Defibrillator at all times. Welsh Ambulance and the organisers of Shows Events and runs that we attend will be informed that a Defibrillator is available at that location if needed

If you want to help us make a difference you can donate at


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