Pins in tyres

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Re: Pins in tyres

Postby Murrayminor » Thu Jan 30, 2020 11:07 am

Firstly report it to the Police, from what you have said I would have a few questions to ask if the job landed with me.

When was the last time you were involved (if ever) in any road rage situation?
Where you park your vehicle, is it private property or public road?
Have any of your neighbours suffered the same thing?
Have you spoken to your neighbours about the incidents?
Is the location you park your vehicle critical, i.e. could you park it on a neighbours drive or another spot on the road?

Let the Police know the above details and ask for a home visit by either the NBO (Neighbourhood Beat Officer) or the local P.C.S.O. (Police Community Support Officer), you can request a face to face meeting away from your home address if you think the Police presence may inflame the situation.

Vehicle Interference is a criminal offence and could result in a fatality, so make sure the person you speak to is made aware of the seriousness and again request a face to face meeting.

Obtain evidence in any way you see fit, but I would refrain from confronting the offenders simply from a safety point of view.
Neighbours are usually thankful if they are made aware, they will increase your vision in the immediate area and hopefully they may know a snippet of information to assist the investigation.

There used to be a scheme called the crime reduction team, I would ask if there is anything like that in your area, they can install temporary CCTV in a bid to identify the offenders.

I do hope you get to the bottom of the situation.
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