The purpose of 'Useful Tips'

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The purpose of 'Useful Tips'

Postby Chris Morley » Wed Feb 01, 2006 12:54 am

When we set this section up it was intended to act as a reference library which would be small & easy to search for information. It has worked very well, but recent threads have seen a number of posts diluted by off-topic waffle & chat. In this section, could we respectfully ask that you refrain from posting anything which isn't either advice or tips relating to Morris Minors & their upkeep. Obviously comments on how well the tips work (or don't!) are also welcome. In short, please consider why this section exists before posting anything in it.

To maintain this section as intended please note that any posts which are considered to be inappropriate are liable to be moved, edited or deleted by the moderators. In the same vein, threads may appear in other sections which deserve to be in here. If you spot one then please advise the moderators. :wink:
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