NSS 967G owner--I have a repair document you may want

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NSS 967G owner--I have a repair document you may want

Postby damienc » Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:54 pm

I owned a green Traveller back in the early 90s, registration NSS 967G.
I have a letter from an award-winning MM specialist garage detailing the full restoration work they carried out on the car.
This may add value to the historical story of the car.

Are you the owner of this Traveller, registration NSS 967G?
I can scan and email you the letter + some pics of my own stripping of the car.
Alternatively, I can post them to you.

1. The owner of this car may be in Scotland and could be a member of the Scottish MMOC.
2. If you are not the owner but can put me in touch with them (or act as an intermediary), that would be appreciated. The letter is no use to me, so all I'm going to do with it is shred it = better it be with the car.

With my best wishes to all you Morris Minor-errs.
I loved driving my MMT...it was so relaxing knowing I couldn't make up time even if I was running late!!!


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