GTM56F Twin Cam Minor

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GTM56F Twin Cam Minor

Postby 68Eddie » Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:08 pm

This is a long shot; my first car was a smoke grey blue haze 67 Minor 1000, registered GTM56F, it was our family car throughout my childhood, my dad gave it to me when I passed my driving test back in 1987. I make apologies to the purists; but I promptly sold my motorbike and spent the proceeds (in Ripspeed's Edmonton showroom) buying boy racer bits for the Minor; 6 x 14 Weller 8 spokes, bucket seats etc. I kept the car for a year or so and swapped it for a Mark 1 Escort Sport (the way old Ford prices have gone i wish I'd kept hold of that!). The new owner of the Minor took the modifications further, the car was fitted with a Fiat twin cam, Marina discs, Escort axle etc. the car underwent some distinctive body mods (not to my taste but...) the boot-lid was cut short, the rear lights and number plate were frenched (recessed) and the whole car was painted white. The car lived in the Bedford area up until sometime in 88 /89, the last time I saw it, it had been sold to a new owner and was parked by the side of the A6 in Bletsoe, Beds. GTM56F is still registered with the DVLA, last taxed in 2000. I appreciate this means nothing but if anyone knows if she still exists or knows of her fate; I would love to hear from you.
The car was a family friend and parting with it turned out to be one of the few things I regret!Image

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