1969 2 door saloon TKL172H

Questions about History or requests for information (does anyone know where my car is now?) can go here.
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1969 2 door saloon TKL172H

Postby PhilAllen » Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:28 pm

I bought my car in August last year and I've been "lurking" on here for a while learning a lot and finding answers to various questions I had so thanks to all of you who have answered posts by other people - you've helped me a lot! I have a question I can't find an answer for so I'm about to post a request for help but thought I'd mention something about my car here first.

I know my car's registration number is a Kent one, that the car was taxed in Swindon in 2001 and has been in Essex since about 2004 until I bought it when it moved to Suffolk. There is also a "Morris Minor Centre Bath" window sticker in the rear window - I emailed them to ask if they knew anything of the car but they didn't reply. That's all the history I have, I wondered if anyone here knew anything more about the car and where it might have been.

Its been off the road since 2003 (as far as I can tell) and what I've got is a basically giant 3D jigsaw puzzle. It will be 50 in November so I'm hoping I can get it back on the road in time for that.


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