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Please post any problems you are having with the website here
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Members area

Postby rjt1951 » Wed May 09, 2018 3:26 pm

Have just reset my email and password but seem unable to get into members area. I need to download the data protection form but it keeps saying I do not have authority to this section. Help! computers do my head in!!!

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Re: Members area

Postby palacebear » Wed May 09, 2018 4:00 pm

Many of us have had this problem for a year or more. The previous Admin / webmaster, Cam Shaw, advised me that the Members Area was going to be completely restructured and updated (or words to that effect). It hasn't happened yet. As far as the data protection (GDPR) form is concerned... maybe phone the club office. That said, I received my form automatically, printed on the reverse side of the address sheet accompanying the new edition of Minor Matters.
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Re: Members area

Postby Admin » Wed May 09, 2018 5:39 pm

You're far too quick for me pb, I'd not even seen this post before you replied :D :D

There are two distinct 'logins' on the MMOC website - the 'members area' for current MMOC members, and the messageboard, for anyone who has an account there - and about 80% of the problems experienced are as a result of confusing one for the other. I have repeatedly called for the 'login' for the members area to be moved from the upper right corner of the page where it sits in almost the exact same place as the automatic position for login to the messageboard, and that'll happen shortly. I am campaigning hard to dump the whole damn lot of our current site, other than the messageboard, and replace it with a complete new site with content delivered by the respective owners (for example info about the NEC written directly by Pete ZB, and about the National Rally written by Andrew Stone, etc.), and to almost entirely dispense with the 'members area' other than to permit renewals, but as any of you who have worked with the club will know, it's like swimming through treacle and it is extraordinarily hard going. I am getting there though :)

Okay, to the question. The 'members area' of the website is managed by Liz at the Derby office, and you should contact her to help you on .
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