Difference of opinion

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Difference of opinion

Postby simmitc » Sat Feb 23, 2019 5:25 pm

From time to time we will have different ideas on the causes and solutions of things to do with our cars. That's fair, and there's usually more than one valid answer. Pity some other interests...

I needed to repoint a patio. Like most people, I'm familiar with the standard 4:1 mix of sand and cement, but thought that I'd check the web for words of wisdom on any new product or thinking. I now know that the "best" way is to:

Use a mix of 4:1.
Use a mix of 3:1.
Use a mix of 2:1.
Use a mix of 1:1.

Apply the mix dry and "water in".
Apply the mix dry and leave it to absorv moisture from the air and ground.
Apply the mix damp.
Apply the mix moist.
Apply the mix wet.

All the advice is absolutely genuinely the best, the only, the correct, "always worked for me" etc.

No, I don't need any further suggestions, I shall just do it the way that I've always done it before; and smile quietly to myself when I see threads about 12 thou or 15 thou exhaust valve clearance or 145 vs 144 tyre size.

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Re: Difference of opinion

Postby alanworland » Sat Feb 23, 2019 6:01 pm

At least your using 'proper' mortar!
I pointed our 50m new patio that I laid with one of these brush in resin type products.
Good make and not cheap.
About 2 years later I scraped and swept it all out as it was absolutely useless.
Repointed it (3:1)! and it's been fine ever since.
I think I was drawn to the ease of application of the sweep in one and to be fair it was easy and did look good, but not for long.


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Re: Difference of opinion

Postby SteveClem » Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:07 pm

I always use 3 parts sharp sand to one of cement, but if the base isn't good and stable it doesn't matter what you use...it will crack anyway! Old fashioned lime mortar has more flexibility, but it's expensive and tricky and still needs a good base.
I use a slightly dry mix, point it in, after an hour or two(depending on the weather) brush it off with a moderately stiff brush. That should get stray bits of the flagstones. Don't overbrush. If there are still marks on the flagstones patio cleaner works well.
I always work on the principle that,when pointing, you need to go at least twice the depth of the gap.

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