Rebuild and Customisation Of Minnie The 1963 Two Door

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Rebuild and Customisation Of Minnie The 1963 Two Door

Postby MarkMan900 » Sat Feb 29, 2020 5:49 pm

So a couple of weeks ago I just started work on the rebuild and custom work of Minnie my 63 two door saloon. I've had her for 6 years now as my daily driver and always meant to have her converted into a convertible but it's taken this long to get the dollar together and to build up the nerve to actually bite the bullet.

She's currently an old English white 2 door with red duotone interior. The only non standard things were an aftermarket sun visor, a fake split screen bar, red painted wheels and those nasty clip on white wall tyre trims.

This is all going to change soon though (it's already started to be honest). The plan is as follows:

- Roof chopped off to make her a convertible. This is going to be the true convertible/roadster style so she is losing the door window top and back frames and the back quarterlights. Body all welded and derusted to future proof her as best as possible. She's getting repainted in Skoda Atol Green 2 pack gloss, a nice dark teal colour.

- Smoothed bonnet (although may keep the handle but lose the other badges), smooth fibreglass boot without the number plate or handle (cable release from inside cabin). Motorcycle size number plates mounted on the bumpers. Front grille from a Morris Oxford.

- LED lights all around. LED tailights from an American 38-39 ford (tear drop shape).

- Fibreglass wings all round to save me worrying about the dreaded rust. Front light surrounds from an Austin Cambridge with the front wings built up to match their profile. Back wings will get removable fibreglass spats to fill the arch in.

- 4 new tyres all with a 3" whitewall stripe from Mr Whitewalls.

- Back seats removed and the back deck brought forward somewhere between 6" and 18" to give her a short roof and lines more like a business man's coupe. I've got a traditional Moggy hood frame that we are shortening by one linkage on each side and the hood cover will have to be custom made (going for light tan/beige). I'll be making an upholstered back board behind the seats to close off the boot space and this will hold the rear speakers, and storage racks for maps, blankets etc.

- Bench seat in the front and a custom light tan/beige tuck n roll vinyl interior (the handbrake is moving down to the driver's side sill and I've cut and welded the gear stick to remove the bend in it so it clears the bench). Front speakers will be mounted in the scuttle panels and I'm going to do either a wood or matching vinyl dash of some kind to house the glove boxes and vintage style Bluetooth radio. Custom hot rod style pedals and floor mounted accelerator pedal.

- Rebuilt engine with a 12G940 head, unleaded valves, HS4 carb on a mini inlet manifold, modified mini maniflow exhaust manifold and 1.75" stainless exhaust, duplex timing chain, crankshaft balancer. I will see what state the cam is in once the engine is apart, if it's good I'm keeping it, if not I may go for an upgraded Kent cam. Also considering an electric fan but depends how the rest of the budget holds up!

- Rebuilt gearbox (it currently jumps out of 2nd on the overrun)

- Disc brakes fitted up front and a remote brake fluid reservoir.

- Potentially lowering her 1.5" front and back but will see how she looks once the rest is done and make a decision then.

I'm having the roof chopped off, the major welding and the respray done by a local classic car garage but I'm trying to do the rest all myself where possible. I'll need the engine rebored and head reworked by a local engine specialist but otherwise plan to rebuild that and the gearbox myself too. I'm also doing all the interior upholstery work myself, just getting the convertible hood professionally made.

It's gonna be a big project but afterward I'm hoping to have a dream car that will last me the rest of my life, fingers crossed. It will also be an awesome learning experience - I've done most of the work over the last 6 years myself and I've done upholstery work before but otherwise it's all just get stuck in and learn a million new things as I go from friends/internet/screwing it up first time as I can.

I'll get some photos tomorrow if the weather actually decides to be reasonable!

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Re: Rebuild and Customisation Of Minnie The 1963 Two Door

Postby ManyMinors » Sun Mar 29, 2020 12:57 pm

Sounds a great project. Just interested in how you'll go on for making it weathertight if you remove all the side windows? I'm sure you have a plan for this! Please do attach some photos :)

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