Clattering noise

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Clattering noise

Postby 12jslater » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:56 pm

Driving my 1951 Morris sidevalve today I went through a bit of water, deep but crawled through it and as soon as I sped up after I had passed through it my engine makes a metallic chattering noise on acceleration or load and a popping from the engine on over run, but still idles quietly as ever except the a pop every few seconds and once I get to speed and lift off the accelerator a bit all is normal.

It's been my daily driver without fault for six months now without a fault, she'd been off the road for 36 years, new manifold gasket, fluid changes, points, condenser, coil, carburetor clean out etc and no faults ran until today sweet as a nut.

I haven't a clue what it is?!

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