Advice required fills and floors

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Advice required fills and floors

Postby Propshaft » Tue Dec 04, 2018 8:00 am

Hi I have a two door minor which needs new cills and floors . My question is after bracing do I put the cills in first or the floors and do I use the floors with the step built in , also the ends of the centre cross member require replacing , . I am ok at welding and fabricating

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Re: Advice required fills and floors

Postby mogbob » Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:21 pm

Personally I'd go for the floor pans first. The built in step will provide good rigidity.
Reasoning ? Condition of the surrounding metal is everything. Even the most rusty of sills still provide an element of bracing.
Chomping out the floors will expose the horrors ( or the good condition ) of three , out of the four , surrounding metal attachment points. With no floor in the way, you have good vision , above and below and plenty of room to effect any necessary repairs to the vertical metalwork. Having clean , solid metalwork is a perquisite for quality welding.

You've already flagged that the center cross member is a bit suspect , so another reason to pull out the floor pans first.
One side at a time ! A good opportunity to drill out any spot welds in the decent bit of the cross member , ready for plug welding , once the new floor is back in it's rightful place. Make a decision before embarking on this as to whether to replace the whole cross member , rather than patch repairing. A new part always provides a stronger outcome. If fabricating consider putting in a staggered / dog leg join to increase the surface area of weld. A straight cut at ninety degrees will be weaker.

Then crack on with the sills , offering the up and trimming back where necessary.

I always adopt the " painting the floor process " i.e you've got to end up at the doorway to get out ! Same
with car restoration , get into the center , from each side and leave by the exit.
Only you can make the decision over the order of doing things, you're the man on the ground and the condition of the car dictates how you set about it. Other people will argue the exact opposite , sills first the floor pan last. Everybody has their way of doing things. So long as you are methodical and brace well there will be a good outcome.

Take plenty of measurements /datum points , brace door openings , B post to transmission tunnel ,etc. Make sure the car is settled " level " if you're putting it on axle stands. Have some long wooden battens available to
check with the eye as to whether it looks straight and the spirit level , that it is horizontal. Don't overlook your
wiring cable and brake lines underneath. Cover the interior trim / seats / dashboard / steering wheel / glass / roof lining , etc. to protect it from stray weld splatter.
Good luck with it.

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