Asking for more advice.

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Asking for more advice.

Postby Woohzal » Wed Sep 15, 2021 4:24 am

Time for the baby to find a new home.
Really looking to find a collector, this isn't a daily driver kind of car.
17000 miles, genuine, no resto work, only maintenance and not much driving, always parked or stored in a garage.
I just don't know where to try to sell it.
Or what to even ask for a vehicle that I have not been able to find one even similar.

It has a small dent about the size of an Australian 10 cent piece on passenger guard from a storage incident.
I would assume needs a grease and oil change.
3 owners.
Original paperwork.
Could anyone suggest what price I should start with?
The car is located in Australia and judging by responses when I advertised it at $30,000 Australian, there are keen buyers but I feel like I am underpricing it as one person commented " It's a rare gem".
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Re: Asking for more advice.

Postby mobylette » Wed Sep 15, 2021 8:55 am

Put it in an auction and it will sell for what it is worth.

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Re: Asking for more advice.

Postby ManyMinors » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:18 am

$30,000Aus is about £16,000 here in the UK. The market value of cars on the other side of the world may be vastly different but that is a high price for a private sale Minor 1000 saloon over here however good it is. If you have already advertised it for that and not sold it, that must tell you something? I rather agree with the other responder, that an unusual car is generally worth placing in a well advertised auction. That is probably the best way of finding its real value? It is clearly a very nice example and, in that condition would be a real rarity in the UK but it is only worth whatever the next owner is prepared to pay for it. A 948cc Minor 1000 saloon is not considered a particularly desirable or valuable model in the range and that would limit its appeal at that price. In the UK, you'd have to take into account the cost of shipping and duty etc. as well of course.

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