distributor cap

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distributor cap

Postby namass1 » Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:27 pm

I have been told I cannot put a late model of dizzy cap onto an mm distributor. These caps vary a lot in price. Why are the mm ones so pricey and why are they not interchangeable?

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Re: distributor cap

Postby RobThomas » Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:01 pm

Completely different shape. No easy to find and possibly no longer made.

Just use a later distributor?
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Re: distributor cap

Postby mike.perry » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:08 pm

The Series MM engine uses a DYHK4A distributor which has a different cap. These should be available for top entry or side entry HT leads from MMOC Club Spares. The later 25D distributor will fit without vacuum advance

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