Removing glue from carpets

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Removing glue from carpets

Postby Chappers » Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:25 pm

Just thought I’d share this.
Been busy stripping out Maisie and installing a new carpet set and underfelt in her.
Bought some spray on adhesive from the supplier (N.C.) at the same time.
I actually phoned up the adhesive maker to enquire how to remove any overspray should I end up getting some on the carpet.
The answer was a not very helpful “just don’t get the adhesive on the carpet”.
Being a strong believer in Sod’s law an all that, the inevitable happened and some glue got on the carpet, this in part was due to the spray nozzle suddenly deciding to spray in two directions at once, the other part was down to me being careless....
Well after doing some research, I obtained some nail varnish remover from my daughter and went to work on the carpet.
The adhesive is a sort of latex rubber stuff in an aerosol, so I tipped some nail varnish remover onto an old tea towel and gently rubbed over the adhesive on an inconspicuous area, using the cloth wrapped over my finger, the adhesive seemed to break up and dissolve within a few seconds of rubbing. I then blotted the area with kitchen roll.
The carpet adhesive was all removed and the carpet was unaffected (no colour loss etc).
It was obviously the Acetone in the nail polish remover that did the trick.

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Re: Removing glue from carpets

Postby MCminor11 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 10:50 am

Thank goodness for having a daughter! M

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