1962 Morris 1000

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1962 Morris 1000

Postby Daura58 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:14 pm


I have a 1962 Morris 1000 which i am slowly restoring. I am really keen to restore to as original condition as possible.

Does anyone have any ideas about the following -

- it is smoke grey colour, should my coach line match the interior colour? Currently it is white, which i have a feeling is incorrect?

- should it have a clock? At some point a clock added to below the dash.

- should the horn push be in the centre of the steering wheel or on the end of the indicator stalk?

- should i have lights which light up on dash when indicators are engaged?

Thank you!

Any other tips would be gratefully received!!

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Re: 1962 Morris 1000

Postby ManyMinors » Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:47 pm

The coachline on a Smoke Grey car should be a mid-blue colour. I'm not certain of the exact shade but I think when I did mine I used something suitable which I had in the garage! The little Humbrol tins of enamel would perhaps be a good source?

A clock was not fitted as standard.

The hornpush should be in the centre of the steering wheel on a 1962 Minor 1000. The hornpush was on the end of the indicator stalk on cars built from about 1956-1959.

On a 1962 car, the only warning light for the indicators should be the little green light on the end of the indicator stalk.

Good luck with it. Getting a car upto concours standard is quite a challenge in terms of both specification AND condition!
Lots of cars have had earlier or later parts fitted over the years but there is much information available. Try to attend a Morris Minor event or club meeting where other cars are present too.

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Re: 1962 Morris 1000

Postby palacebear » Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:15 pm

For info regarding coachline. BMC (Austin) Island Blue is a very close match for your needs. Very common body colour on 1960's Mini. Probably easily available for brush-application from a Mini specialist. BMC code is BU8. Ditzler code is 12010.
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