1952 series MM

for those with Series MM sidevalve cars produced between September 1948 and February 1953

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1952 series MM

Postby manlyvaleaussie » Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:51 pm

This is Paul the "Displaced Aussie" living in Yuma, Arizona and in the process of restoring a 1952 series MM, it is later in the series built in December 1952. I have been amazed at how much of this vehicle has the original parts but I was quite surprised when taking out the wiper wheel boxes, they were attached with a molded bezel (aluminium maybe) painted the colour of the car and a chrome plated nut, no evidence of there ever being a seal of any kind between the bezel and the body and it appeared to be absolutely original. To put it back I have thought a making a rubber seal to fit under the bezel and then some silicone around the inside of the bezel, I have not found a supplier who mentions anything about a bezel seal for this model. Obviously many of you have put the wheel box assemblies back in this model and so I welcome any and all input on the subject. Regards, Paul Follett.

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Re: 1952 series MM

Postby palacebear » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:55 pm

Certainly later Minors had a rubber seal between the aluminium spacer or bezel and the body work. My split-screen '56 has them - perished remnants of them anyway! I'd imagine they're easy to fabricate. Here it the UK, Charles Ward's Morris Minor Centre list two types. One specifies for split-screens. May be worth dropping them an email to see if they're suitable for Series MM.
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