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Chrome Window Frame Assembly - Copper Riveting

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:35 pm
by spike_esq
Greetings readers can you help? I recently made the decision to have the window frame assemblies on my 1949 Lowlight re-chromed. To facilitate re-chroming I removed the vertical channels (2 per door) by drilling out the numerous 1/8 inch copper rivets. Now with the chroming completed I need to re-rivet these channels in place. I consider this procedure requires experience, technics and tools to give the desired quality finish. The copper rivets themselves seem readily available in the marketplace. Could anyone reading take on this task or know of others who might help out?

Also during this protracted chroming process one of the pivot housing blocks has been misplaced. This is the lower pivot housing block that locates in the horizontal channel that is assembled below the quarter light frame. This block houses the pivot bushing and is secured in the channel by chrome round headed screws strangely enough of different sizes. That's the MM for you. Please let me know if anyone has a surplus pivot block tucked away somewhere. I have attached a photo of this pivot block. Many thanks.

Re: Chrome Window Frame Assembly - Copper Riveting

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:23 pm
by RobThomas
Rivets, I'd suggest the nearest airfield. They'll have the gear, or, just bring it here.

For the other things, the thingy with the 2 different sized holes was, as you guessed, only fitted to the early cars so it'll have to be made. I need one for a later car so maybe I can make 2. Might have to be a non-standard material, though. Could you get me the dimensions as close as you can?

Re: Chrome Window Frame Assembly - Copper Riveting

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:59 pm
by spike_esq
Hi Rob,
Thanks to all readers but especially to Rob who has offered some solutions and assistance on the matter. The refurbished quarter light frames and some small components are now at the chrome platers.
The pivot pillar housing is rectangular being 49mm x 15mm x 10mm (LxWxH). There is a 2mm 45degree chamfer on each edge on the long sides. From end A there is a 1.5mm wide groove cut 35mm towards end B. There is a hole for the pivot bush centred 22mm from end A with diameter 7/16". And finally there are the two securing screws with a totally threaded hole near end B for the small screw and a half threaded and half clearance hole (either side of the groove) for the larger screw near end A. I think you would need to see the pivot pillar to get these in the correct position and ensure the threads were correct.
Your suggestion to come along to yours for a riveting lesson/ session is also noted. Do you have a local source for the 1/8" copper rivets? I'm also not certain if the rivets should be slightly hollowed out for ease of fitting or whether solid ones will be good. Welcome any further feedback perhaps by PM. I will contact you further when all the chrome plating is finished. Many thanks once again.