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Re: Bi-plane

Postby Nickol » Tue Jul 21, 2020 7:43 pm

geoberni wrote:
Tue Jul 21, 2020 2:59 pm
Nickol wrote:
Tue Jul 21, 2020 2:54 pm
philthehill wrote:
Tue Jul 21, 2020 8:31 am
Looks to be a Vickers Vimy
It certainly is.
Not an un-typical landing for the era either.... :lol:
One of my better ones :D
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Re: Bi-plane

Postby MikeNash » Thu Jul 23, 2020 2:51 pm

Fox Moth seen today at 1427hrs going WNW at 1500/2000ft over Hurstbourne Tarrant!
One day I'll get a ride, MikeN.
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Re: Bi-plane

Postby KeithL » Thu Jul 23, 2020 3:48 pm

Murrayminor wrote:
Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:31 am
I use the Flightradar24 app
Thanks for that. It is amazing that so much information about flights is available to anyone with a PC or a smartphone.

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Re: Bi-plane

Postby Pete Bags » Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:05 am

Another good site to see what is flying around is:

This site also shows all the military aircraft, as well as private and commercial aircraft - during the early stages of the lockdown, it was fascinating to see the military transports (Hercs, A400's, C17's etc) practicing their landings on beaches and airports like Gatwick, London City etc. Also the refueling tankers circling in the North Sea and the various NATO jet fighters having fun dogfighting etc!

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Re: Bi-plane

Postby philthehill » Wed Jul 29, 2020 1:54 pm

Just had another bi-plane fly down the Test valley and return a little later. Radial engine sounded nice. Silver with dark wing tips but strangely no markings on the fuselage or under the bottom wing. Even looked at it the twice passing overhead with binoculars but could not see any markings.
I must get technical and explore the links posted :roll:

I called up the link immediately above and sure enough the plane shown on the link just flew over the valley.

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