Newbie, Fiat TC & Volumex HFO 501 NEW BUILD 2018

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Re: Newbie, Fiat TC & Volumex HFO 501 NEW BUILD 2018

Postby fixwheelmad » Thu Jul 22, 2021 8:13 am

Went to powdercoaters, nothing my pile of bits next to all the other privateers, clearly they’ve got to the other side of COVID. Might consider setting up my own pc plant, doing only small stuff limited colours and fixed turnaround, say 2 weeks, must be people interested.
So a little miffed got back to a hot hot hot shop 28 outside36 inside, must insulate that roof.

Redid the RSR top, finished with side bits and radius the top handle, I think I works better now. Will braze at the weekend when it’s cooler.
Also redid the calliper bracket, only paper template, ordered plate and m20 spacers to make up. As I’ve got a half empty box awaiting zinc phas I’ll get them done and justify another coating delivery.

Postal order too sort know then back to workshop, have a good day all.
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