Petrol Pump

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Petrol Pump

Postby Kevin » Mon Jul 21, 2003 9:09 am

Under my Torsion Bar removal posting I mentioned a leaking pump from the diaphragm and how a pal said is does happen sometimes due to modern petrols, well low and behold after getting a new diaphragm kit and starting to fit it I noticed that the upper half of the base unit ( filter housing ) had a star crack in it and on cleaning and close inspection one of the cracks had gone right through to one of the 6 fixing holes thus causing the leak to appear to be the diaphragm, has anyone else experienced this, I asked at our Rally and no one was sure because if they have had a leak they have just replaced the pump without looking.

To get me to the Rally I got a pump from our local motor factors who only had an electronic pattern part ( its much thinner at the base end ) well dont bother, these pumps simulate the sound of a points operated one and sound far noisier :x and when under way make the sound almost constantly just like the pump is leaking ( I jumped out twice to check :evil: ) so today its going back and I will fit the proper one :D that I got at the rally.
There is also an electronic version made by SU (Burlen) that looks identical to the original but did not come across anyone with one fitted at our rally so I cannot coment on those, however I did come across 2 others with the pattern ones and they both said that they were noisier :-? than the proper version although not as bad as mine, they all are made in Germany one type has a blue end cover and the other has a silver end cover ( Quinton Hazel box ) has anyone else experienced these pumps because I cannot reccommend them although I have not seen the SU (Burlen) version.

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Fuel Pump

Postby 57traveller » Mon Jul 21, 2003 11:16 am

Some years ago I purchased and fitted, to my saloon, an electronic conversion from Burlen which replaced the contacts. It's worked perfectly. I don't think they supply this now only a complete pump, you have to specify negative or positive earth I think. As it's the same pump as originals (Skinner Union) there's no difference to the noise, no more and no less. My Traveller still has contact type but when the pump or contacts do finally pack up I'll exchange for electronic.

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Postby paulg » Tue Jul 22, 2003 10:12 am

I fitted an electronic pump several years ago. It cost £50 from a local car accessory shop. It doesn't look like the original.
It has been 100% reliable and not noisy - I think it is German.
Together with replacing the old copper leads (needed a new coil, leads and distributor cap because of the fittings) this improved the starting amazingly. Previously had a lot of trouble with damp and with the pump jamming (despite new points at £9!).
I think it's a much better pump that the old SU - functionally anway.

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