Standard Wheel PCD sizes & Alternatives

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Standard Wheel PCD sizes & Alternatives

Postby Kevin » Mon Dec 17, 2007 10:25 am

To answer a common query with standard vehicles 14" rims.
Series MM wheels are all 4.5" pcd.
Cars up to no 131858 used 7/16 BSF thread bolts with 5/8 A/F heads
And cars after used 7/16ths UNF bolts with a 5/8 AF head.
Also available from car no 184760 were 7/16ths UNF bolts with 3/8 Whitworth heads which overcame the problem with wear on the wheel bolt holes.

Whereas the later wheels from the series 11 onwards are 4" pcd and use 3/8 UNF studs and the wheel nuts have a 3/8" Whitworth head.

None of the modern metric sizes from other manufactures will fit as the pcd`s are incorrect.
There are some Alloys and Steel rims in different sizes manufactured specifically for the 4" MM wheel pcd available from specialists.
The Midget/Sprite, A35 & A40 also use the same 4"pcd but with 13" rims.
The Classic Mini also has the same 4"pcd but with 10" rims up to 1984 and then 12" rims, also if a Mini was fitted with a Sportspack it will have 13" alloy rims but the offset is unsuitable.

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