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MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:28 pm
by brucek
MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon – John O’Groats to Land’s End – The Long Way Round – September 2016

Many forum members may already be aware that, in 2016, the MMOC celebrates its Ruby Anniversary. 40 years ago in 1976, Tom Newton and a small group of enthusiasts responded to a call from Classic and Sports Car magazine to set up a club for the humble Morris Minor. 40 years later the club is one of the most popular in the classic car world.

To mark this occasion, and in line with previous anniversaries, the club has chosen to use the occasion to raise funds for Marie Curie, however, this time, our fundraising plan is a little different. We will be taking a 1963 standard spec four door saloon from John O’Groats to Land’s End. That is a sizable challenge in itself but we are going to use the trip south to visit EVERY branch in the MMOC. Branches have been working closely with their local Marie Curie volunteers to set up fundraising events and activities at each location we will be visiting. In addition we will be visiting all nine Marie Curie residential hospices and places of significant interest relating to the club and the cars history. The July/August edition of Minor Matters will contain the full route plan and daily schedule. The run starts at John O’Groats on Friday 2nd September at 11am and finishes at Land’s End on Saturday October 1st at approx. 3.00pm.

We have set up a dedicated Facebook page where we will be logging progress and news – you can find it at: Please do ‘like’ the page and feel free to share its location as widely as you can amongst your friends and colleagues. We will also be posting updates regularly on the MMOC website – - so that those who are not on social media can keep track of where we are. Also we have set up a ‘Just Giving’ page which will allow anyone to make a donation on line. Again, please do share this location with all of your networks to encourage everyone to help us raise funds for Marie Curie. The address of this page is: ... athon-2016 . Thirdly, and as you will have seen on the car, we have also set up a text donation line too. Those who wish to do so can text MMHA63 and the amount they want to donate to 70070. E.g. MMHA63 £10 then enter 70070 on the phone number box of their message. Those donating by text will be offered an option to gift aid the donation if they wish.

Please do visit the various web pages and help us to raise the greatest amount of money possible for Marie Curie.

Thanks so much for your support.

Bruce Kelsey

MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon Organiser

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:13 pm
by Cam
The boys are nearly at the start-line now. As of 5:20pm, they are in Wick!

Almost at the start line. Break a leg chaps!

Looking forward to the updates on the run starting tomorrow (2nd Spetember). :D :D

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 2:02 pm
by Cam

Well, the boys are on their way! Here are some photos from this morning's departure:[frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame]

Watch this space for more updates!

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:38 pm
Well done guys, see you tomorrow night in Belfast 8)

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:11 pm
by Cam

Update from Bruce:
Well, that's day one completed and what a day it was. Really thrilled with the support team who made it all the way to John O'Groats to be there for the off. Even managed to get some good support from the guys from McLaren Racing who were doing the North Coast 500 to test a new model.
Trip down to Fyvie Castle was very smooth with the car performing really well. Met up with several members of the Scotland North East branch at Huntly and enjoyed the convoy down to Fyvie Castle where a piper - and new young member of the branch - piped us in. Well done to the branch for setting up the photos at such a lovely venue. Good luck for your branch rally in two weekends time and thanks so much for your fabulous donation to Marie Curie too.
We overnight in Aberdeen this evening and will be on the road again by 6 to visit our first hospice in Edinburgh. That's followed by a similar visit to Glasgow before meeting the Ayrshire Group at Alloway before catching a ferry to Belfast where our good friends the Northern Ireland Branch will be waiting for us.

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:18 pm
by Cam
Further updates:-
Quick word of thanks for our very generous sponsors. Footman James are very kindly insuring the car so that all club members who are 17 and over can drive the car on the run. Morris. Minor Centre, Birmingham are covering the cost of the fuel we use on the marathon. Thanks so much guys. Couldn't do it without you

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:20 pm
by Cam
STAGE 3-5:
Had an awesome, albeit brief, visit to the Edinburgh Marie Curie Hospice earlier this morning, and had a tour of the facilities. Met up with David and his rather gorgeous dog Brodie, and Peter and Ann-Marie McCallum who very kindly answered our appeal for wine gums!

Stopped for the photostop location at the Burns museum, somewhat moist conditions, but made up for it by getting a bonus shot outside Burns Cottage! Still have Peter and Ann-Marie McCallum with us, who are *very* kindly escorting us all the way to Cairnryan


Last leg of Scotland now, heading for Cairnryan and our ferry to Northern Ireland. A huge thank you to all, and following the 'haste ye back' signs we keep passing, we'll see you again.!

Get ready Northern Ireland - the charity car is coming.......

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Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:50 am
by plg422d
When Branches have had their events and collections is it best to pay the money into a members account so that they can then pay the money over through "Just Giving". If they are a tax payer then they can increase the donations by 20% by using Gift Aid?

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:00 pm
by Cam
NO No No. Please do NOT do this. Only individuals may donate this way and to do so using others donations would contravene all the licences etc. we have had to obtain.
Any money collected in aid of Marie Curie should for the time being be retained by the branch (in their bank account).
After the marathon and the fundraising events are over we will be asking you to send the money to the MMOC for credit to the Charity account - branches will receive an email probably toward the end of October. It would be helpful if you could send a copy of the accounts with individual amounts detailed i.e.; Date; event/branch meeting; amount etc. and the overall total to me.
Please note that should anyone wish to donate by cheque these should be made payable to the MMOC.

If you wish to present a 'pretend' cheque with an estimated amount locally for publicity purposes, this is fine but please do not part with any cash. Marie Curie Head office will receive the FULL amount collected by all branches/methods and it will be up to them to allocate it using the list that we will provide. A cheque presentation is scheduled for Sunday 13th November at the NEC when their senior representatives are expected to attend.

This has all been agreed with the Fundraising and Innovations team at Marie Curie Head office.

I repeat ONLY tax paying INDIVIDUALS may donate through Just Giving.

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:16 pm
by Cam
Day 2 (3rd September 2016)

After enjoying the hospitality in Aberdeen the previous evening, Mike and I set off early to ensure we arrived at our first hospice stop in Edinburgh in good time. It was only just light when we left the hotel and quarter to six but we did meet a number of students heading home from what appeared to be a good night on the pop!!

A smooth and trouble free drive down to Edinburgh via Dundee saw us fill up with fuel and get a glance at the famous Tay Bridge. Before long we had beaten the possible traffic issues and arrived at the Edinburgh hospice. At the hospice we met Fiona Bushby the Community Fundraising Manager and were treated to a tour of the facilities. Joining us at the hospice were David Watts and his lovely Old English White Traveller and his English setter Brodie. Also meeting us was Peter and Ann-Marie McCallum in their recently restored clipper blue two door saloon. Peter, responding to a request on Facebook , brought us about a year’s supply of Wine Gums which was very much appreciated. On leaving the hospice, Fiona presented us with some cakes and treats from the hospice kitchen which again were very welcome.

Our next stop was Glasgow MCH where the newly appointed manager, Miriam Watts, met us and organised some lunch for us. We were joined by a large crowd of volunteer fundraisers for a group photo. From there we headed SW and down to Ayr and the Robert Birthplace Museum and, from there onto the ferry terminal at Cairnryan and the sailing to Belfast. At this stage, Peter and Ann-Marie left us to commence their return journey to Stirling. It was really good to have them along for the day and we hope they also enjoyed the trip.

After a two hour sailing, we arrived in Belfast where Northern Ireland member David McCullough met us and quickly took us to ‘The Crown’ a National Trust pub for a compulsory pint of Guinness. After taking a few photos in the driving rain, we repaired back to David’s house for some much needed rest.
I see the lights in the distance across a still Irish Sea tonight. It's going to be a very brief return to the wonderful city of Belfast and to our friends in Northern Ireland but we'll enjoy every minute of it. Then it's onto the Isle of Man for another first visit for both Mike and I tomorrow afternoon. Bernie Wade has been doing fabulous work getting everybody revved. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:22 pm
by Cam
STAGE 7-8:

Belfast leg completed, with the current drivers still (just) speaking to each other!


A few quick, blurry shots from our quick (and blurry, thanks to the Bushmills) visit to Northern Ireland. The Titanic museum, 'Samson' and 'Goliath' - the famous Harland and Woolff cranes, and a few shots at the Hospice.
Queuing now for the ferry to the Isle of Man.

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:25 pm
by Cam
STAGE 9-10:

Get ready Isle of Man - we're on our way......[frame]Image[/frame]

Interview on the Isle of Man! Click on the link below! ... round-tour

IOM MMOC branch pulled out all the stops and gathered about 20 cars for us, had an awesome time[frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame]
Day 3 (4th September 2016)

It seemed like we had only just gone to bed when the alarm sounded to wake us for another busy day. After a great breakfast of bacon butties and tea, 8am saw Mike and I, along with David and his neighbour Stanley, heading off to meet at the Belfast Marie Curie hospice along with a great crowd of NI branch members who had turned out in force to support the charity car. After presenting us with the now almost obligatory wine gums, we had a tour of the facilities and some breakfast nibbles. Each hospice is different but what is the same is the obvious passion and dedication of the nursing staff and the energy and enthusiasm of the fund raising staff – all of whom give 110% to support the work of the organisation.

All too soon, time constraints demanded that we be back in the cars again and zipping off to the ferry to catch the FAST-CAT to Douglas on the Isle of Man. When they say FAST-CAT they really DO mean FAST-CAT – it zips along at almost full speed of 35 knots (40mph) which looks very impressive from the viewing decks! Before we boarded the ferry, we met up with members of the Banbridge Old Vehicle Club who, later in the crossing, presented us with £150 they had raised from a whip round of their members.

Once we had docked, we were met in Douglas by Bernie Wade and members of the IOM branch who escorted us up to Hospice Isle of Man. There is no Marie Curie presence on the Isle so we agreed that we would split the stop, and the monies we raise, between the IOM hospice and Marie Curie. At the hospice we quickly recorded a piece for Manx FM before we met members of the nursing and fundraising teams plus a couple of young children who used the hospice services. The cars fascinated them and we think they enjoyed their experience. Bernie and the IOM branch are now going to offer rides and days out in their Morris Minors to patients which is a lovely gesture.

From the hospice, we headed across town to link up with the rest of the IOM MMOC at B & Q. We were met by a huge gathering of owners, members of the public and by the local press. Once TV interviews were concluded and the press had the photos they needed, Mike and I managed to grab a well-earned burger. There was a great turnout of cars at B&Q and may even have been the largest gathering of Manx Minors that there has ever been. Once the fundraising closed, some members escorted Mike and I to Laxey Wheel for a photo stop before we headed back to Douglas and another ferry crossing to Heysham.

Four hours after setting off, we docked in Heysham and headed north to Kendal and our overnight accommodation very generously offered by David and Margaret Tomlinson. The wonderful opportunity to have a long hot shower was very welcomed and neither Mike nor I needed any rocking to get to sleep.

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:27 pm
by Cam
STAGE 11-12:

Good morning to everyone from a very damp Kendal in the Lake District. Having a great time with the Cumbria branch at Morrison's

More photos forwarded to us:


Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:35 pm
by Cam
Stage 13:

Caution - bare flesh content - viewer discretion advised

Rocked up to meet the barking North East mob (that's North East mob who are barking, rather than the Barking (North East)) at Bishop Auckland.
I've been mentioning some light whining noises for a few days, but to be honest I just thought it was Bruce, but as we rolled in it turned to a full on squeal, so we've replaced the dynamo just as a precaution. Thanks Malcolm for lending it to us!


Listen to the BBC Radio Newcastle drive time show this evening with Jon Harle. We're talking about the marathon again. great fun at Bishop Auckland. Thanks to the North East branch and in particular Dorothy and Malcolm Bainbridge for all their organisation and help on the day. Well done everyone. On our way to Marie Curie Newcastle hospice now for a visit.

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:38 pm
by Cam

Hello to the Angel of the North[frame]Image[/frame]

Last stop of the day, at the Marie Curie Hospice in Newcastle. A great turnout of local members came to cheer us on and we were all treated to a tour of the uni...[frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame]
Day 4 (5th September 2016)

Day four dawned grey and cloudy with a definite mist in the air but, after what we considered to be a lie in, Margaret cooked us a lovely breakfast to get us off to a good start. Cumbria branch members Steve Rose and Roger Burgess met us and escorted the charity car to Morrison’s at Kendal where business and collecting was brisk. The store manager arranged for a bacon sandwich and a coffee for all of us which again was very generous and very much appreciated. All too soon it was time to leave so we followed a lovely green pick up out of the town and away from all the road closures for the Tour of Britain cycle race which was coming through later in the day, towards Kirby Stephen, Brough and eventually Bishop Auckland.

On arrival at Tesco’s in Bishop Auckland, the dynamo started to squeal and, whilst it was still working, it was clear that we would be well-advised to do some preventative maintenance and swap out the old unit. Club member Malcolm Bainbridge offered the unit that he had recently taken out of his car so the swap was done and all was well. BBC Newcastle were very interested to hear our story so a feature on their “Drivetime” show was the result.

The tombola stall, staffed by Carol Jobes and Dorothy Bainbridge, was very popular and business was brisk. All in all it was a very successful event and raised lots of money. From Bishop Auckland we headed for our final stop of the day at the Newcastle Marie Curie hospice where we met up with other members of the NE branch and staff and nurses from the hospice. Leaving Newcastle, Mike and I headed for Driffield and our last stop on this part of the journey….. or so we thought!!!

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:46 pm
by Cam

Official handover - Bruce and Mike hand over the keys, and the all-important wine gums, into the custody of Tim and 'Fozzie' Foster from the Brid & Wolds MMOC[frame]Image[/frame]

So, car handed over. Whatever happens now, it ain't our fault

Yes, I know I said yesterday we'd have gone home by now - what can I tell you, we've had the car so long we struggled to hand it over. The charity car rolls on into Driffield, now driven by the Brid & Wolds branch


Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:01 pm
by Cam

Beverley today (6th September)


Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:55 pm
by Cam

Absolutely excellent day in Driffield, Beverley and at Elvington today. Late change of plans saw Mike and I supporting the efforts of the Bridlington & Wolds branch in Driffield. We were visited by the lovely Jill Archbold and Joe Bilton from 'Look North'
Day 5 (6th September)

As we headed south towards East Yorkshire, there was time to catch up on e-mails and social media. It became clear that BBC Look North wanted to do a feature TV piece at the Driffield stop the following morning so, after making a number of phone calls, Mike and I were able to stay over in Driffield so we could be part of the filming and be on hand to speak about the run from the MMOC perspective. Jill Archbold and Joe Bilton were with us for most of the morning and local reporter Katy joined us at Beverley for more footage and interviews with local residents on their memories and experiences of the Morris Minors. The eventual finished product was broadcast on both the lunchtime and evening news programmes and was a very entertaining piece with inserts from Pathe news reel footage.

The manager of the Tesco store next door to the Driffield display location very kindly donated water, cakes, sandwiches and crisps to all who were helping out on the stall which was a very generous gesture and very much appreciated by all who were certainly feeling a bit peckish by this time. From Driffield, the car was driven by Tim Welbourne and John Foster (Fozzie) whilst Mike and I followed behind taking pictures of the car as we sped along towards the Yorvik stop at Elvington Air Museum. Yorvik members greeted us there and we were allowed to set up some photos under the wing of ‘Lusty Linda’ a Handley Page Victor aircraft and one third of the famous V-bomber force along with the Avro Vulcan and Vickers Valiant. Tim and Fozzie handed the keys over to Ian and Steve Woodcock and Graham Hughes who were taking the car to their branch meeting that night. From there the car passed to Simon Austerfield in Ossett in preparation for the next day’s fun in West Yorkshire.

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:57 pm
by Cam

So the car has made it to West Yorkshire branch and today we're at Asda Owlcoates shopping centre, Pudsey, Leeds.


Really successful day, raising money for Marie Curie Charity at Asda Pudsey, Leeds along with members of the West Yorkshire Branch of the Morris Minor Owners Club we managed to collect & an amazing £530 along with a Tombola too well done to everyone today it was a hot day, but very successful for this amazing charity[frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame][frame]Image[/frame]

Re: MMOC 40th Anniversary Charity Marathon

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:58 am
by Cam
STAGE 19-20:

Another BRILLIANT day for the MMOC Charity Marathon Run today courtesy of the West Yorkshire Branch who stormed ASDA at Pudsey and had a superb visit at the Bradford Marie Curie Hospice. Over £500 raised today in Pudsey and a great turn out of members and cars at Bradford. Well done folks you were fab

Marie Curie charity car handed over to North East Lancashire branch. Just got home very long day but worth every minute and so proud of all our members a fantastic day and great to see Bruce Kelsey at Bradford hospice.
We didn't do bad either with our collection today our fantastic West Yorkshire branch members collected an amazing £540 absolutely fantastic excellent work so so proud of you all. A great day with great people.[frame]Image[/frame]
Day 6 (7th September 2016)

The charity car was on display bright and early at Asda in Pudsey with members of the West Yorkshire branch on hand to collect donations and generate lots of money for Marie Curie. Business was brisk and there was great interest in the car and what we were doing with it. From Pudsey, the car made the short journey to the Bradford Marie Curie hospice where it was met with cheerleaders and the first live daffodil we have seen on the trip so far.

Staff from the hospice posed for photographs with the branch members, the charity car and their drivers before we all went inside for a well-earned cup of tea and a tour of the facilities. From Bradford, the car passes over into Lancashire where it will next be seen at Tesco in Accrington under the watchful eye of the North East Lancashire branch.