1968 Almond Green Saloon

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1968 Almond Green Saloon

Postby MorrisJohn » Wed Oct 27, 2021 8:05 am

I’m selling my 1968 Almond Green two door saloon. It’s a fairly standard and original car. It had some restoration work carried out underneath around 2003 at a cost of £7500, including new crossmember and work to the sills. Work has been done to a good standard.

Drives and brakes well, new master cylinder and brakes generally overhauled. Interior is original but good, seats are comfortable and everything works as it ought to.

Structurally the car is sound, except for one area. The front crossmember needs replaced. The chassis legs where it joins onto the front crossmember need new metal cut to size and put in - the rest of the chassis legs are absolutely fine and definitely do not need replaced!

Cosmetically the car is presentable, with the usual repairs having been carried out in the usual places (bottom of doors, A panel etc). The bottom of the bootlid needs some attention. Petrol tank looks to have been replaced. I have begun replacing old hoses under the bonnet, doing underside surface rust removal/treatment and will continue to plod away at this as and when I can.

I bought the car only a couple of weeks ago from a club member in the belief it was totally sound and ready to use. That wasn’t quite the case! Anyway, I have been offered first refusal on another Minor by a friend. His car would mean a lot more to me and I only have room for one in my garage so I am therefore selling this one.

Paperwork and receipts going back over 20 years.

Should the car not sell I have made arrangements to have the front crossmember replaced in February/March (it’s a busy little garage that I trust). I will then advertise her “properly”.

She has an MOT until Sep 2022.

All in all she’s a very good little Moggy and would be a great daily driver. Car is in Glasgow area.

I am looking for £4750 ono.
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