1955 Split Screen (2dr) - Old English White - 1098 Engine - Chippenham, Wiltshire

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1955 Split Screen (2dr) - Old English White - 1098 Engine - Chippenham, Wiltshire

Postby CrazyPropGeek » Mon Feb 03, 2020 7:27 pm

Sadly needs must with this old girl, and it wasn't meant to be. I'm trying to get a moden daily driver to help out the family.

I am however remaining a member... as I'm sure I'll end buying another one in the future (I'm a sucker for a Morris).

Write up below:
Location: Chippenham, Wiltshire

Price: £4,500 O.N.O

This 1955 Morris Minor has been lovingly looked after, and partially restored over my past few years of my ownership.

The fully reconditioned engine and gearbox was fitted at 89,000 miles, and the car is currently around 120,000. That's an engine and gearbox with JUST OVER 31,000 miles on it! I'd imagine that this engine was fitted to keep up with modern traffic, which is does. I've happily driven it at 60mph on a few occasions, without a hitch. Could do with one syncomesh, or an oil flush (?), at most as down to second can be clunky and jump if not engaged.

Most recently the below have been fitted:

-New front bumper valance & chrome blade

-New rear bumper valance

-New front chrome details

-Fully refurbished speedometer gauge (by SpeedyCables)

-New speedometer cable

-New speedometer drive gear

-Colour matched drivers side glove box with brand new clock, temp gauge, & oil gauge (Oil gauge needs plumbing in)

-Auxiliary fuse box

-Bluetooth Classic Car Radio with front and rear speakers

-Reverse light dashboard switch

-Cigarette lighter sockets

-Switchback LED indicator/side lights (to keep the 1955 front look)

-Switchback LED indicator/reverse lights

-Hazard light switch (needs wiring in)

-Electronic heater solenoid & switch

-Restored 1955 KL heater

-Boot carpet

-Complete set of coolant hoses

-Modern seat belts fitted by Charles Wares

-Stainless steel original size bore exhaust

-Stainless steel, painted, door tops


The interior is in good condition, and was originally re-upholstered in 1991. Some tears have been repaired, but overall very good for the age (all pictured). I've also done the below over the past year on the interior.

Colour matched re-upholstery has also taken place on the:

front quarter cards, parcel shelf, back window shelf, rear speaker boxes, rear seat back

As well as re-upholstery many placed have been sound deadened along the way in foam:

boot floor, rear seat back and front quater cards


All electrics are fully working, with an alternator upgrade fitted! Many new cables have been loomed throughout for the new additions, and to replace degraded cables.


The brakes have just been serviced, with new Lockheed cylinders and solid lines on the rear.


The underside was fully restored in 2009 with Charles Wares panels, using a reputable company called Higherwell Landrovers for welding. There is only a small amount of surface rust visible on the underside, at most. Not a "double floor" panel in sight, which can be common on older Minors . The car was treated with underseal when I bought it, and I've only had to put tiny dobs on here and there to maintain its rust free underside.


I have just fitted four refurbished red wheels, with polished stainless hubcaps, new tires, and white walls! There is also a spare refurbished red wheel, with a new tire and white wall, on the custom built luggage rack, to give it that extra 1950's aesthetic. An original spare wheel is also under the boot, held in place with an original spare wheel bracket.


I have collated the cars history from 1991-present in an A4 lever arch file. There is also the original service book from 1955, and one document from the 70's.

In my time with the car I have saved every order confirmation, and generated a "Maintenance Record", which references companies used, and parts numbers. So ongoing maintenance should be as smooth sailing as possible.


Dorris is a fantastic little car, with a lot of spirit. The only thing that I wish I had time to do was properly repaint the engine bay to match the rest of the car. She's been Black, Maroon and Old English White in her life.... so I guess nobody decided to paint under her under the bonnet.

I really am very sad to be selling Dorris, so please no tire kickers, or people who want to pull the price down ridiculously. I tried to keep her for as long as possible, and enjoy her in the dry, but it obviously not meant to be.

If you would like to see any documents I have mentioned, or chat about the car please don't hesitate to contact me:
Mobile Phone: 07901337608
E-mail: lukepepalmer@gmail.com

MORE CURRENT PHOTOS HERE: https://photos.app.goo.gl/i1vi1BfjqwmyUTZK6

You can also look back on Dorris' progress here: http://www.facebook.com/crazypropdmc

More restoration photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 555&type=3










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