'57 four door, with useful updates, spares and literature: £2,500 - ish offers, please

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'57 four door, with useful updates, spares and literature: £2,500 - ish offers, please

Postby bamboocarman » Thu Oct 01, 2020 1:47 pm


A ‘57 Minor, subsequently rebuilt some time ago, with useful sensible updates.

A very good example of a ‘mid range’ condition Minor, with a range of updates to the engine and transmission, running gear, electrics, and so on, to make the car more easy and convenient to use.

Including: 1098 unleaded engine with low mileage; electronic ignition; reconditioned 1098 ribbed gearbox with 14k miles; correct rear axle differential; brake servo; halogen headlights; and more.

Recently serviced (engine oil, filters, plugs, anti-freeze, and front suspension trunnions greased), now back in occasional use following a few years in static storage (2016 to 2019).

A selection of useful new and old spares, extensive history file, factory workshop manual, etc supplied.

Car was rebuilt within the last 20 years, I am told, by someone who really knew what they were doing, for example the correct use of unpainted rear wing beading, and the superb headlining correctly fitted (please see general pics).

MoT exempt; no current MoT in place

MMOC member, and have owned the car since 2013.

Car located in Stoke on Trent area.

Asking price

*Looking for sensible, realistic, offers based on £2500, and am pleased to discuss any genuine offers.

Please see sections below for further details of the Morris.

Outline description:

Current mileage shown on the clock 96,883m (increasing as car is in occasional use)


• low mile 1098 (understood to be a recon, nice and tight) engine, run for approx. 20k miles
• unleaded head
• spin on oil filter system fitted @ 82,833m
• new head gasket and sundries @ 93,429m


• alternator charging system @ 77,345m
• negative earth electrics
• recent battery
• new battery leads and connections
• Wipac Quadoptic Halogen headlamps @ 90,500m
• electric screen washers; easy to use, with a period on/off switch, quite powerful too
• recent new wiper blades
• original type ‘spoon’ wiper arms and blades (little used) supplied with car as spares
• flasher can replaced with a new item last year
• brand new coil supplied with car as spare
• new old stock, unused, indicator/horn switch supplied, which should be fitted by me soon

Fuel system

• Facet fuel pump (its in the boot, beneath the plywood floor). Reliable compared to a SU pump, based on my direct experience of over 40 years of Minoring. Spare brand new Facet filter supplied with car


• Magnetronic electronic ignition fitted @ 85k miles approx.
• new NGK spark plugs recently fitted

Cooling system and heater

• new rad and hoses @ 79,800 miles approx, all still in v good condition (nice new spare hoses supplied with car)
• heater matrix and blower system from a later model Minor for improved heating


• new clutch kit, pedal swivels, bearings, and linkages @ 79,639m
• clutch shaft and bushes @ 82,600m approx


• a re con 1098 ribbed gearbox, supplied by the specialist John Evans of Hayling Island, fitted @ 82,900m approx
• original ‘bronze’ speedo, checked that it’s calibrated to suit revised gearing

Front suspension and Steering

• trunnions, steering swivels, regularly frequently greased during my ownership, grease nipples renewed, too
• sweet, smooth, accurate light steering
• front shock absorbers, bushes and pins replaced @ 82,833m
• later model ‘1000’ steering wheel fitted to facilitate easier ingress/egress to and from the driving seat (much easier to get in and out of
the car if yr tall)

Rear suspension and axle

• interleaved Teflon anti-friction strips on rear springs, with replacement shackles and bushes @72k miles approx, resulting in much nicer softer flowing ride
• correct diff fitted for 1098 engine and gearbox
• rear shockers replaced @ 85k miles approx
• recent half shaft oil seals


• servo fitted
• front and rear drums, shoes and springs replaced @ 83k miles approx
• hand brake good


• front legs sound
• cross-member sound
• rear spring hangers sound
• sills and box sections sound
• rear boot floor corners sound
• door bottom edges sound
• petrol tank sound

Body and Interior

• Fibreglass wings front and rear, good broad gauge quality items fitted
• recent pressed aluminium number plates; nice
• tailored and correct carpet set, clean and lovely
• headlining replaced, in beautiful condition
• windscreen rubbers and door seal draught excluders, bonnet and boot seals renewed @ 79,700miles approx
• front driver seat has been re-webbed, so nice and comfy; not sagging
• front passenger seat has a replacement diaphragm, also nice and comfy (for a Minor!); not sagging
• rear seat very clean, comfortable, not sagging
• rear inertia reel seat belts fitted
• front seat belt fittings in place
• decent quality re-spray completed, inside and out, when car restored some time ago. Needs some detailing now, pockmarked, scratched, but still pretty good: paint nicely patinated
• original 1957 door cards, in vgc, supplied with car as spares

Wheels and tyres

• tyres ok, serviceable
• stainless steel hubcaps (spare hubcaps provided, too)
• aluminium wheel trims


• electrical immobiliser fitted, with a very hidden on/off switch


• extras to go with car = quite a few spares, both new and old, service parts, fresh 20/50 oil, new engine and gearbox mountings, various new gaskets, new track rod ends, new flexi brake pipes, new steering rack gaiters, original ’57 door panels, front seats for conservation/renovation, front quarter lights, lots of front indicator lenses and rear lamps, etc

• original ring binder factory workshop manual, MMOC Minor Matters journals, Morris Minor Centre parts catalogue

• car cover in storage bag

*Sorry, wont be selling the spares separately, they go with the car on sale.

Other Notes

• extensive detailed lever arch history file, including invoices, service notes, documents, articles


• an essentially sound car, recently correctly serviced so remains reliable
• sensible updates
• fun to drive etc, one of the nicer ones to drive with a pleasant, light balanced feeling to it
• a basically sound, reliable, practical, day to day Minor, which will last a very long time indeed if given sufficient attention to a selection of relatively small areas for improvement

Areas for further development

Transparency: nothing has been covered up, hidden, nor is it ‘spivved up’ for sale.

In preparation for sale, it’s had a partial service, clean and polish.

Just to be clear, the car does not have an MoT, it is MoT exempt, thanks.

To be used regularly on a daily basis, for example, the car will benefit from:

• brakes do need to be balanced at front (new o/s/f cylinders?): this will limit any potential test drives to ‘round the block’
• indicators currently u/s, but have always worked well until recently (I know it is the indicator column switch at fault; spare switches supplied, including a very expensive, boxed, new old stock combined horn/indicator switch): test drive limited, as above
• tie plate o/s/f to be patched or replaced
• tracking
• steering rack gaiters to renew; steering remains light and accurate (however, a previous owner used MS3 grease to lubricate rack, did not use the correct oil, so gaiters split)
• exhaust is in sound condition, works well without issue, but may benefit from a longer tail pipe
• valves could do with resetting slightly, but engine works well, including on long journeys
• other non essential work to be completed longer term, dependent to your requirements/preferences and taste, for example attention to paint work, cosmetics and so on

Caveat and Viewing

This Morris Minor is an ‘oily rag special’ it is not perfect. On offer, and to be sold, as seen and tested, as suitable for substantive on-going development, or as a good candidate for conservation or total restoration, or to be used as spare parts for renovation.

No warranty provided, nor implied: it's a 63 year old car in need of some small, limited attention.

Sorry, can't deliver.

The Deal and Terms

Genuine enquiries only, please.

Please do read the description of the car above and below; please study the pictures carefully, as they are part of the description. Thanks.

I will try to answer questions, but please consider that this is a reasonably old vehicle, which is in good oily rag condition and in need of some further work and care to make fully useable following a short period of storage. It has shabby areas and probable challenges, I can't itemize every fault, smudge, taint or tarnish. Have described and outlined the Morris to the best of my current and prior knowledge of the car to outline features clearly, as above and below. There may, or may not be, errors or omissions in the description.

Reason for sale

Recent house move, resulting in no longer having a garage for storage has prompted the sale. I don’t want the car to stand outside for another winter; it’s quite a good car, so would like it to avoid any further deterioration out in the open.

Summative remarks

I have owned, fettled, and driven Minors of all types and condition since the 1970s, so am confident in stating that this is a useful mid range Minor, suitable as an on-going project for further development, or as a very good basis for a ‘durable car’ project, conservation or full restoration.

There is much documentary history with the car, together with an original loose-leaf factory workshop manual, Haynes manual, spare parts old and new.

Have owned this Minor for seven years now, it has been used by me mostly for quiet drives around the South Downs, Weald and Romney Marsh, together with return trips from Sussex to North Staffordshire, all without issues arising.

Please come and have a look if of interest; all communication via MMOC PM messages, thanks.

Close to M6, Junction 15, North Staffordshire.

Looking for sensible, realistic, genuine offers based on £2500-ish*, please.

Thank you for reading the ad, best wishes, BBCM.

Final Note

*I did attempt to sell the Morris on a well known internet auction site, but the querulous irascibility of two correspondents disheartened me: the final straw was irresponsible bids placed by, a self-admittedly, drunken bidder: the car was then withdrawn from sale on the auction site.

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