Magneto ignition

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Magneto ignition

Postby philthehill » Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:50 pm

For those who would like an alternative to standard and electronic ignition you may like to consider fitting a Magneto. ... Swd89csj9r

Suitable for all pre 'A' Plus blocks and as used on Coventry Climax racing engines and fire pumps.

The SOC Coventry Climax 1216cc engine producing 83bhp @ 6400rpm was once sold as a alternative engine conversion by Jack Brabham for the MG Midget/Sprite 'A' Series engine.

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Re: Magneto ignition

Postby Myrtles Man » Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:11 pm

In many ways Coventry Climax and their engine designers, Harry Mundy and Walter Hassan, were THE high-performance engine producers for the British motor industry, without which none of our post-war racing successes would have been possible. The following list gives some idea of the extent of their influence:-

Some notable Coventry Climax-powered cars:

1911 GWK, 2 cyl. Coventry Simplex
1913 Bamford & Martin, 4 cyl. Coventry Simplex, The first Aston Martin
1922 Lea Francis C-Type, 1074cc OC
1929 AJS Nine, 1018cc OC
1930 Crossley 10, 1122cc OC
1933 Vale Special, 1098cc OC, 1476cc JM
1935 Triumph Gloria, 1087/1232cc OC, 1476/1991cc JM
1935 Crossley Regis, 1122cc OC, 1476 cc and 1640cc JM
1936 Morgan 4-4, 1122cc OC
1954 Kieft-Climax 1100 LeMans, 1098cc FWA
1954 Kieft-Climax V8, 2492cc FPE, not raced
1955 Cooper T39 Climax 'Bobtail', 1098cc FWA
1955 Lotus Mark IX 1098 FWA Le Mans
1955-64 Cooper Monaco Mk.I(T49), Mk.II(T57/59), Mk.III(T61/62/64), 1475/1964/2203/2467/2751cc FPF
1956/7 Lotus Eleven, 1098cc FWA, 1460cc FWB, 744cc FWC
1957 Cooper T43 Climax, 1964cc FPF, The first mid-engine car to win a Grand Prix
1957-58 Lotus 12 Climax, 1475/1964/2203cc FPF
1957-63 Lotus Elite, 1216cc FWE, 742cc FWMC (UDT Laystall, 1961 Le Mans)
1958 TVR Grantura, 1216cc FWE
1958-60 Lotus 16 Climax, 1475/1964/2467/2495cc FPF
1959 Lotus 17, 1098cc FWA, 1460cc FWB, 742cc FWMA
1959 Cooper T51, 2467cc FPF, World Champion
1959-65 Turner Sports, 1098cc FWA, 1216cc FWE
1960-61 Lotus 18, 2495cc FPF, 1475cc FPF
1960 Cooper T53, 2495cc FPF, World Champion
1960-63 Lotus 19, 2467/2495/2751cc FPF
1961 Cooper T54, 2751cc FPF, The first mid-engine Indy car
1962-64 Lotus 23, 742cc FWMC, 748cc FWMB
1962-65 Lotus 25, 1496/1497cc FWMV, World Champion
1963–76 Hillman Imp, 875 – 998cc derivative of the FWMA, adapted by Rootes
1964-65 Brabham BT11, 1497cc FWMV
1965 Lotus 33, 1497cc FWMV, World Champion
1965–75 Bond 875 and Bond Ranger, low compression version of Imp engine
1967-74 Ginetta G15, 875cc Imp and 998cc Rally Imp engines
1971-74 Clan Crusader, 875cc Imp engine

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