1963 4 Door Body Shell and other parts

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1963 4 Door Body Shell and other parts

Postby Andymoor94 » Tue Feb 18, 2020 8:05 pm

Hi all,

My 1963 4 door saloon went from my dream car to a donor car for my much happier looking 1954 split screen. As such, I have used the engine, gearbox, rear axle, shaft and gearbox tunnel. The two front wings went a while back, so I'm left with the shell, complete with dashboard bits (Speedo and pull-levers).

The shell requires the usual lower rebuild. Here's what is affected by rust and what I'd suggest:
Sills - Replace
Passenger chassis leg - repair
Driver chassis leg - replace
Front cross member - replace
Driver inner wing upper portion - repair
Door pillars - replace (or repair lower area)
Front floor pans - replace
Boxing plates - replace

But the windscreen was freshly resealed :)

Currently on jack stands, obviously the rear axle has gone, but can offer some help moving it.

Was originally looking for £400, but given that I can see almost complete project cars going for £1000 sometimes, I'll happily take a polite offer.

I also have the following:
The four doors, cards excluded, £150, in good condition
Bonnet, good condition, £40
Petrol tank, external rust, but nothing damaging, £20
Radiator, brand new, tainted a bit was brown coolant, £35

The front suspension is still on the car, so if you want that, give me a PM and I can take it off.

It would be a great project for the person with the time and patience for welding, which I've discovered I don't have.

EDIT: Of course, where is it?!!
Swanland, East Yorkshire
Happy to have a chat over phone, just PM for number
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